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Keatyn was a very calming and caring soul during my labour and we are so thankful for her support throughout. She gave practical advice in order to make me (and our whole family) as comfortable and relaxed as possible.During Covid times, our plans were turned upside down and Keatyn was on hand to help us navigate through and adapt to the ever-changing rules and regulations. We couldn’t have got through without her!! 💕

I contacted Keatyn initially as I was nervous about the experience of giving birth in a foreign country. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 restrictions, she was unable to accompany my husband and I at the birth. Nevertheless, we would highly recommend her services. Keatyn was able to provide virtual information sessions prior to delivery and, even more importantly, was able to provide us with resources in Berlin that have been invaluable in both my and my son’s health. Keatyn has wonderful energy, knowledge, and compassion for the pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum experience and I am sure would have made a world of difference had she been able to accompany us at the hospital.

Keatyn is great for Dads as well! She provided tons of helpful instruction on how I could support my wife during labor and immediately after the birth, and had some great tips for how to hold, feed, and the get the baby to sleep. Not to mention helping us with some household chores at a time when we were both exhausted. She’s awesome! I can’t recommend her highly enough.

We looked for a Doula because I was very stressed by the idea of going through my first birth without an experienced person by my side to help make sure my wishes were respected at all times.
Although my partner and I speak German we chose Keatyn because we felt instantly at ease with her. She is very prepared and professional yet has the warmth of a close friend and was a great addition to our birth team.
In the 12 days I was overdue she checked in regularly and was very supportive. On the day before my induction she even sent over a massage therapist to my home to help me relax and prepare.
When I was induced I expected the worst but actually—also thanks to Keatyn—everything went really well. She supported me and my partner throughout the whole birth, not just by helping me breathe and calming me down but also physically. She even brought all kinds of things to the hospital to help however she could.
Even during postpartum she kept checking in regularly and was a shoulder to cry on, very understanding and well connected with other support specialists like a lactation consultant.
Thanks for everything, Keatyn!

Keatyn provided outstanding postpartum overnight support to our family after the arrival of our second child. Having had experience with postpartum doulas with our first child, we can confidently say that she is highly competent. Her care for me as a mum was extraordinary – especially during the early days of establishing milk supply which can be exhausting for everyone. Her emotional intelligence and Minnesota nice also helped us calmly navigate challenges which inevitably arise with a newborn. She went above and beyond to show kindness to our first child too – from sweet (healthy) treats to thoughtful projects. Keatyn is a treasure and it’s been a privilege to have her support. 

Keatyn is my doula. She came to support my family 6 months ago. Until that point I hadn’t appreciated the immense value doulas can bring to a mother, and to our families.

Keatyn is a very special doula. She tirelessly supported me through a very difficult, and at times traumatic twin pregnancy. This support came in the shape of holding my household together; cooking, grocery shopping, errands, helping take care of my other little girl and generally filling in the many gaps left whilst I was on bed rest. She also supported me with massages, sharing experiences and generally being a friendly sounding board for me during this challenging time.

Now I’ve given birth Keatyn is continuing to support my family in much the same way; albeit with 2 new tiny members, who she is superb with.

Keatyn attended my actual twin birth. I credit her with facilitating me to realize elements of the birth story that I wanted. Having her by my side helped empower me to stay strong, breathe and cope without pain meds. Her presence enabled me to trust my body and to labour the way I felt was right. She also took lovely photos as I requested, as well as helping me practically by offering refreshments. She also supported my husband and mother during what was for them also a nerve-wracking time.

To conclude, Keatyn is an asset to your birth team, and to any expectant or postpartum mother. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Keatyn helped me and my family as a postpartum doula and it was fantastic to have her support. She would pick up my 4-year old from Kita and play with her for a while, then help at home, cook, do everything that needed to be done. Keatyn is highly knowledgeable on anything that has to do with babies, which was extremely helpful. She has a gift with children and babies! My 4-year old absolutely loves her. The whole family really loved her warm personality and calm and positive energy.

I can’t recommend enough having Keatyn by your side for the birth of your child. She was supportive, compassionate and knowledgeable during my entire labor. It was an unexpected long and challenging birth and we couldn’t have done it without her. Thanks K! Chris, Valerie and baby Lou

Keatyn did an amazing job helping me and my daughter get organized before the baby comes. She really exceeded my expectations with both the speed with which she got it done, and how great it looked in the end! My daughter loved working with her and asked when we can have her back. I highly recommend her for organization and baby prep!

Keatyn is amazing! She is such a positive person and a great addition to a birth team. She’s knowledgeable and compassionate, filled with resources and experiences, and is a hand to hold or shoulder to cry on. If you’re looking for a doula, she’s your gal.

I had the privlage of having Keatyn by my side for the birth of my second son. We met a few times before the birth so I was very comfortable with how she worked. I really needed her as a birthing doula as my birth was a surprise home birth! She set up my bed room with my Mother, lit candles and dimmed the lights to make the space beautiful. I was very impressed with her instincts, she squeezed my hips during the contractions which made my contractions more productive and MUCH less painful. (This was my second unmedicated birth so I know:)) She worked with my midwife in a very respectful way and brought an overall sense of confidence and calm to the entire experience. Aside from being an birthing doula, Keaytn has been a great source for information about nutrition, postpartum care and general support. She has become a friend through this process. She is so well suited for a career supporting women and their families. If you are thinking about working with her, I give my highest recommendation. You will be in loving hands.

Having Keatyn’s support in the first weeks of birth has been invaluable. Keatyn came to my house this week and went through all the baby clothes people gave me, not only matching them to length/age but also the look and size so all the clothes fit similarly. Keatyn then organised how we store the clothes. I had them in with my side of my wardrobe but she had the best idea of keeping them away from my stuff and now they live on shelves in the bathroom where we change his nappy anyway. She also added a baby-only wash basket there so all baby-related stuff happens in the one spot. Keatyn did such a great job, I asked her to come back and do the same with my toddler’s clothes. So now we have all the clothes in order by age with all the small stuff packed away and the larger stuff categorised (swimming/trousers/tops) and stacked separately (by age) so it doesn’t jumble up again. 
I was dreading this job and now I have a system in place that’s easy to keep going as everything has its own box or shelf or spot. It only took two afternoons – well worth it considering the mental headspace this has freed up.

My labor was not what I planned. Completely vise versa. But I m very thankful Keatyn for all her energy that she was giving me almost 24h of her staying beside me. She helped me to breath, she was making soft and helping massage. She was very attentive from our first meeting and noted all my wishes. If you think about doula for your labor, Keatyn is the right person. Thank you 🙏!

I was lucky to find Keatyn when I sought a postpartum Doula. She is knowledgeable and caring. She really eased my adjustment to life with three kids with expert baby care and using her great organization skills to keep my home a sanctuary of clean folded laundry, prepped healthy foods and tidy shelves.

Having a doula accompany you into the tremendous experience of birth is no simple matter. We feel so thankful that Keatyn was there with us. She helped me feel comfortable, hydrated me, rooted me on, supported my partner, etc. In the months before, she was a wonderful source of knowledge and support. In the months after, her friendship and support continue. It all means so much. 5 stars is not enough!!

Keatyn is so easy to talk to and someone who is very warm hearted. She supported my husband and I with the birth of our 3rd child. I planned on having a hospital birth and we really wanted to have an advocate, someone who would be our ‘voice’. Having Keatyn there put us at ease and helped us communicate with the hospital staff.

She helped me through some painful contractions and supported my Husband, making sure he ate something.
She is also very knowledgeable on everything baby.
She definitely enhanced our experience, we can’t recommend her highly enough

And I have made a new friend in the process

Keatyn is a warm hearted and wonderful woman who brought so much happiness into my children’s lives. It was such a comfort for us having her in our home and I know she will bring a comfort to so many others during their childbirthing experience

Keatyn was an incredibly helpful and supportive participant in the birth of our 3rd child. She was so supportive of both of us, she was mindful of our well being, gave us advice when needed, and stepped back or told me to step in exactly when needed. I felt empowered and more confident with this delivery, than either of the previous two and should we decided to go for number 4 (eek) I wouldn’t hesitate to get Keatyn on board straight away.
(a dad’s perspective)

Keatyn is a truly wonderful Doula. Her help after the birth of my second daughter was invaluable. We live away from our families and when they were not here helping, Keatyn filled that role beautifully. She gave advice, lent books, shopped, cooked wonderful meals, did washing, tidyed up and organized. She is a ray of sunshine and positive energy and deeply passionate about women and birthing. We all looked forward to her visits. On her last day my older daughter did not want her to leave. If I was to have another child, I would have her back in a heartbeat.

We were feeling lost in the German healthcare system, therefore we considered a doula. it was so comforting having the support from Keatyn before, during and after childbirth. we’ve been treated more than well.

I want to write a review about my experience with Keatyn; however, I’m not sure my words will do her justice. After moving to Berlin, I got pregnant and found myself very overwhelmed. Thousands of miles away from my family and closest girlfriends, I was nervous about giving birth in a new city where I didn’t speak the language and with little to no support outside of my husband. AND I didn’t even know what to expect while laboring and delivering a child. I met Keatyn through a Facebook page and immediately liked her energy. We met for a coffee and I knew in that moment that I wanted her by my side during the birth! For the duration of my pregnancy, Keatyn stayed connected! She sent me articles, book/podcast suggestions, recipes, advice, etc…if I had a question, she had a solution within minutes! She helped me not to stress about my upcoming birth and really helped me keep my shit together. 😉

Unfortunately, things did not go as planned and I ended up having an “emergency” c-section at 36 weeks. (I had about three hours notice…and I called Keatyn even before I called my husband!) She arrived and helped me ask all the pertinent questions about the delivery and surgery. She chatted with my nervous wreck of a husband, helped him to relax and get excited about the baby coming so soon! As I was wheeled off to the operating room, she assured me that she would partner with my husband and either come to me or go with the baby, if an emergency arose after the birth. All went well with my surgery and Keatyn was waiting for me in our recovery room. She was an absolute lifesaver! She helped me do skin to skin with the baby and got us nursing for the first time. I then began to feel sick, so she passed the baby off to my husband. She seamlessly got them bonding while helping me as I was sick and throwing up from the anesthesia. Through all the craziness, she had a calm about her and kept everyone calm and relaxed. I felt comfortable “checking out” and resting knowing she was there supporting my husband and our new baby girl.

I’m not sure that we would have had such a seamless birth experience without Keatyn! She really is an amazing woman and is passionate about supporting women during this wonderful stage! I wasn’t sure I even wanted a doula but found myself completely trusting her judgement and wanting her support throughout my pregnancy, birth and after! I hope for the next baby, we will get to have a natural, vbac…and Keatyn will be there helping make it happen!