Prenatal Preparation

Perhaps you took a birth preparation class and you left with unanswered questions. Or the class did not dive into a specific concern of yours. Maybe this is your second or third babe and you just want a refresher without having to give up a whole weekend!

Every birthing person, birth and postpartum is unique. There are a lot of options in labor and parenting so connecting to and trusting your intuition and learning from that standpoint is important.

Having personalized prenatal preparation means the time is dedicated to your story, questions, concerns and goals. This space can be used to prepare for birth, talk about “what nobody tells you” about postpartum, discuss safe sleeping options, or process your choices for baby feeding.

  • One on one (+partner, if applicable) space to focus on your questions and goals
  • A deeper dive into the process of birth and the complex journey your baby will be navigating through
  • Hands-on instruction for exercises and poses to practice in pregnancy and labor
  • Space to talk about and process what did and didn’t work for you in your previous labor(s)
  • Honest preparation for postpartum, sleep (or lack there of!) and baby feeding
  • Guidance and tips for partners to play in active role in labor and during postpartum healing
  • Access to my Client Folder which is full of evidence based information, tips, tricks and day-of birth guides
  • Meetings are held virtually or in my home office and last approximately 2 hours (2-3 meetings are recommended)

75EUR/meeting (including VAT)
low-cost & sliding scale available for refugees and families of color, please indicate if you qualify in your inquiry

A clutter-free space that flows well is a vital key in setting yourself up for success as you transition into postpartum and parenthood. So much of our comfort and mood is effected by what is around us. Having a home that looks and feels orderly will allow you to give more of your precious energy to your sweet babe or big kiddos. This is your nest, let me help you feel cozy in it!

  • Home de-cluttering & organizing
  • Nursery set-up & babyproofing
  • Re-imagining space for function & flow