Long Distance Doula

Perhaps having a doula physically accompany you in your birth isn’t your thing , or you live in an under-served location, but you are educating yourself to make informed decisions and would like a little support along the way. You will have access to all of my resources, knowledge, and emotional support as you navigate this transitional time.

Think of me as a pregnancy pal or a birth bestie, someone to talk to, who will know the right questions to ask, share un-biased information, and will support your choices for your birth, your body, and your baby.

  • Personalized prenatal education
  • Empowerment during pregnancy through evidence-based information
  • Support and questions to ask potential care providers and birth locations, based on your preferences
  • Emotional support throughout your pregnancy, processing the birth, and into postpartum
  • On-call labor support for the partner, so they can better support you and your changing needs during birth
  • Support with finding local referrals and resources pre & postnatally
  • 3-5 face-to-face sessions (via skype, zoom, whatsapp)
  • Access to my Client Folder which is full of evidence based information, tips, tricks and day-of birth guides
  • Unlimited email/text support in pregnancy, birth, and the 1st year of parenthood

42EUR/hr (plus VAT)
low-cost & sliding scale available for refugees and families of color, please indicate if you qualify in your inquiry