Birth Services

Cesarean, un-medicated home birth, in hospital with an epidural, or anywhere in between, you deserve to be supported as you go through the pivotal transition into parenthood.

Birth can be a very vulnerable experience, therefore trust within the birth room, the birthing body and birth team is one of my biggest goals. My labor support package consists of 3 prenatal meetings (held in the comfort of your home, or place of choice), the duration of the birth and “golden hour”, and one postpartum visit. Having time together before the birth helps us, the birth team, to grow a relationship, and spend time going over evidence based information so your choices and options in birth are well-informed. Continuous labor support on your baby’s birth-day means that you will have a small bubble of love around you; familiar faces and hearts believing in, and encouraging you and your power to birth your child. Having time together after the birth, when you are cozy at home, is wonderful for debriefing, processing, asking questions, sharing your story, and staring at your brand new bundle of love.

Supporting in hospitals, birth centers and home births in Berlin and beyond!

  • Education and empowerment during pregnancy through evidence-based information
  • Early labor phone support for the partner, so they can better support you and your needs
  • Continuous physical and emotional support during active labor, including massage/counter pressure, breath guidance, birth affirmations and creating a calming, warm birth space
  • Encouraging involvement and team-building with partner
  • An extra set of hands and encouragement as you bond and initiate feeding during the golden hour
  • Bias and judgement-free support for your body, your baby, and your choices
  • 3 prenatal visits, 1 postpartum visit, and the duration of the labor
  • Back-up doula included (in the rare case of extreme illness or emergency)