Berlin Birth Preparation Classes in English

Birth preparation classes are a great place to gain a basic knowledge of what to expect during your upcoming birth and immediate postpartum. Many families enjoy the fact that their class is full of other expectant parents they can connect with throughout the rest of pregnancy and especially for play-dates once the babes are bigger. Having a space where birther and partner can take time to connect and educate themselves, is also a major benefit for taking these classes.

I encourage my birth doula clients to take a birth prep class early on in their pregnancy. Information and education are key in having positive birth outcomes. Knowing your options, risks, and potential outcomes means you and your partner can advocate for a birth that aligns with your wishes. Taking a class early gives you a solid foundation of information to build onto.

Inviting a doula into your birth bubble is a great way to add a layer of knowledge, advocacy, and support. Once my clients have taken an antenatal class, our next prenatal meeting together is dedicated to going over their birth preferences, questions they have about possible interventions and their indications, as well as answering questions about, or diving deeper into, what they learned in their class.

Since there is so much to remember, parents often worry about forgetting all the important information when they actually need it on the big day, but if you have a doula supporting you, then you basically have a cheat-sheet on hand!

There are many different models of classes offered here, so find one that aligns with your needs and views. Below is a list of childbirth education classes offered in Berlin in English.

If you know of, or teach a birth prep class in English that is not included on this list please let me know!