How to Find a Midwife in Berlin

Coming from the US, where families barely have time to rest, recover and bond after birth before it’s back to work, I am pleasantly surprised by the supportive perinatal culture here in Germany.

The fact that your health insurance will pay for a midwife to visit you in the comfort of your home during the 4th trimester still seems almost unbelievable to me! My cultural background tells me this is a luxury, but the doula in me deeply feels this should be the bare-minimum standard world-wide.

While growing families are very well supported in Germany, if you are pregnant in Berlin you may have noticed the midwife crisis. The high demand of a baby-boom and low supply of midwives, can leave families feeling like finding a postpartum midwife is a full time job.

Below are some resources for finding the support you and your family deserve.

  • Check out the midwife page on Facebook. Request to join, post your estimated due date, zip code/neighborhood, and languages spoken. Post here frequently, as midwives often have last minute availability.
  • The German website, Geburt in Berlin, has a very comprehensive list of midwives, as well as hospitals, birth centers, and other great resources. I recommend translating the page to your preferred language and use their locations to narrow down your search.
  • This midwife search website helps to narrow down midwives available in your zip code during your estimated due date.

  • You can call this midwife hotline and they will help to connect you with care in your area.

  • This is another midwife list where you can search by location, date and preferred language.

  • Google the midwifery practices or birth centers closest to your home, and email them directly asking for their availability.