Berlin’s Prenatal Yoga Classes in English

Practicing yoga in pregnancy is good for centering your mind and relaxing your body. It also strengthens your body, while improving flexibility. Calm, strength, and flexibility all work together to improve your birth outcomes and set your body up for a smoother postpartum recovery.

Here is an up-to-date list of prenatal yoga classes in Berlin, if you are a student or instructor of one not on this list, please reach out so I can include you.


Yoga Delta *

BECYCLE– BEnatal Yoga

Jivamukti Yoga


Yoga Circle Berlin

Yoga Hub Berlin

Praxis Lemm


Lotos Yoga *

Elaine Yoga

Yogibar *


Bija Yoga

Elements of Birth

Hebammerie *


Aluna Yoga

Roaming Instructor

Alice Patterson – Gentle Core Yoga

Lorna Neuber – Parvati Yoga

Kim Ba* – kba YOGA

Beyond the Ringbahn


Frau Glück *

*Website does not specifically list their prenatal yoga class in English, but the studio has been recommended by other expats in Berlin and/or is an English-friendly studio/instructor.